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 Love the color of the walls with the burgundy/red cushions as accents


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Healthcare for all?

Following both House and Senate bills on healthcare reform one thing becomes increasingly clear – it’s business as usual and this business is not in our best interest.  Whose interest it’s in is whose interest it has always been in – large corporations who continue to profit from illness.  Without a single-payer approach like our current federal Medicare program, our health will remain in the “care” of for profit insurers whose bottom line is shareholder interest and low cost.  With more insurers joining forces in the absence of anti-trust legislation (that they’ve made sure is constantly defeated) and merging into even larger conglomerations do you believe that costs will ever go down or that everyone will receive coverage? I remember reading that for every congressperson and sentaor on the hill, there are four health and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in their offices every single day.  In the most recent iteration of bills, many of us will be taxed on current employer paid premiums we now have.  Non of this sounds good.  That’s why I keep calling, keep writing, keep faxing, keep sharing information with friends and colleagues so that perhaps our representatives on the hill will hear as much from the little guy as they do from the big guys.  We need affordable, accessible, and life-span health insurance that doesn’t discriminate based on illness and that puts health outcomes as the top priority instead of paying physicians just to provide services.

ikea fabric love

my affair

most definitely an obsession – pernilla ikea fabric in olive/cream/gray that is no longer being offered anywhere and belive me I’ve looked. Made an amazing laundry backpack for the girlie to bring back to college with her from 2 yards I purchased on Etsy from seller HABIT and have enough left for a laptop cozy for her macbook. I’ll post a pic of it later tonight. I took the pattern from a great book called dorm decor by Theresa Gonzalez and Nicole Smith http://www.chroniclebooks.com and the laptop envelope pattern from a free downloadable pdf tutorial from Sew Mama Sew! (http://www.sewmamasew.com/store/media/blog/SMSLaptopSleeve.pdf). The directions for the laundry backpack were easy to follow with diagrams and will solve the multi-door opening and closing problems with arms full of laundry basket juggling for the girlie on each of her laundry day treks. http://whipup.net/2009/08/13/book-dorm-decor/