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Jewel completed her first year of college.  Now she’s working

her first job this summer.  I’ve been collecting Malka

Dubrawksy’s  amazing hand-dyed batiked fabric to make

her Shoe Fly Quilt my own and sewing for Hanna.  My

own semester ended and I’m working with my advisor to

design an independent study for fall semester.  I’ve submitted

my inital reading list but need to get it paired down to something

I can handle in line with a 3 credit course.  My topic for study?

how supression of self leads to chronic fatigue and other

immuno-supressive disorders.  I’ve located some good studies

linking stress to disease but my approach is more specific and

falls into a psychological anthropological  inquiry.

     The hardest part is deciding on just one topic because my

interests are vast and I have other as interesting topics to

delve into.  Another course, another semester.  My attentions

have been drawn away to summer pursuits – planting, preening,

walking, daydreaming, and sewing.  Danny cuts lovely trails

in our “back forty” so the scottie and I take as many jaunts

as possible.  We’re behind on the cutting though because it’s

been really rainy her for consecutive days.  This weekend though

promised heat that I will be retreating from, only venturing out

after the sun has crested and the temps go down to what my

thermostat considers manageable.

     I was thinking about the fact that I didn’t take pictures of the

other 2 laptop covers I made for Jewel’s friends at school and

admonish myself that I really need to just make a habit of

photographing everything I’m working on even if I don’t post right

away.  I have bookmarked so many projects and recipes that

I’ve been discovering and each new weekend offers a chance

to dive into each creation.  Now, will Donna actually photo

while she’s creating? If she wants to keep her on-line diary what

she desires it to be and keep you all interested in coming back

with your lovely input, she better!


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ikea fabric love

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my affair

most definitely an obsession – pernilla ikea fabric in olive/cream/gray that is no longer being offered anywhere and belive me I’ve looked. Made an amazing laundry backpack for the girlie to bring back to college with her from 2 yards I purchased on Etsy from seller HABIT and have enough left for a laptop cozy for her macbook. I’ll post a pic of it later tonight. I took the pattern from a great book called dorm decor by Theresa Gonzalez and Nicole Smith http://www.chroniclebooks.com and the laptop envelope pattern from a free downloadable pdf tutorial from Sew Mama Sew! (http://www.sewmamasew.com/store/media/blog/SMSLaptopSleeve.pdf). The directions for the laundry backpack were easy to follow with diagrams and will solve the multi-door opening and closing problems with arms full of laundry basket juggling for the girlie on each of her laundry day treks. http://whipup.net/2009/08/13/book-dorm-decor/

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