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I’ll try not to make this a gender thing but I’ve been trying to figures out how to describe my own life experience in terms that will not only satisfy me, but help the science.  The need to make your own life of some relevance perhaps for others but it’s more, much more.  I’ve only recently become aware of what I used to know when I was really young – that the world did not make sense the way it had been constructed and that what I was dieing to learn about in school about life I was not getting.

I’ve always been drawn into nature, always drawn to its order, its insistence on being what it was meant to be despite what humans were destroying.  I’ve always felt a connection to it in ways that apparently weren’t shared by others including scientists writing about it.  Humans do a good job at functionalizing the natural world into descriptive groups yet it was always this separate approach that bothered me. 

I’ve been drawn to the sciences for as long as I’ve been alive and remember wanting to be a marine biologist yearning to crew with the Cousteaus and such.  My emotions though led me in a different direction to love, marriage, and family; necessity to work.  I always knew I would go back to college after my kids were through with Highschool and onto their own college careers and here we are.  Major?  The reasoning sciences of course, Anthropology and Sociology to be exact.  A lifetime of experience I have combined with a disability or two that have mellowed my questions and focused my research interests.  I’m ready to apply that experience, my brains, my wit, everything to bring to the discussion what I’m still not seeing or hearing addressed.

I read some great stuff on NPR http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/ yesterday and discovered some great new authors combining sciences with the study of culture.  Biologists and astrophysicists lending their research to their life experience and the experiences of diverse cultures everywhere.  I suppose that when your brain is trained in a very particular way to look at life that you also look to how life hasn’t been designed – what’s been ignored at the expense of other possibilities of reality.

Oh, on my need to create in a differenct realm, the girlie’s quilt is coming nicely, my own version of the blocks and stripes quilts I’ve been finding on Etsy and elsewhere on the web –   I have some pics to post but the Dell Laptop I’m typing on right now does not have a slot for the camera memory disk.  I will have to use my daughter’s laptop to e-mail them to me and then I’ll be posting the pics. 

I’m crocheting as well.  A winter hat for my girl and an extra for her roomate, what fun! I absolutely feel the way of yarn the way I do of fabric, really great fabric.  A hook, a design book, and I’m once again hooked.  I’m using Vogue Knitting Crocheted Hats on the go!  Again, a pic will be in order.

We take Jewel back to campus on August 29 and we’re leaving for our summer holiday tomorrow.  Mystic Connecticut here we come!


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