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for jewel

the quilt that took me all summer to make

love for jewel

I cut cardboard templates for the fabric pieces for this quilt.  I cut each piece of fabric one at a time using the two templates – The design was from quilts I saw on Etsy as well as quilting, sewing and fabric blogs online.  My daughter picked the quilt design and left the fabric choices to me.  I love using what Malka Dubrawsky  terms “low volume fabrics” that allowed me use some vintage sheets, graphic linen fabrics from Etsy sellers, and of course, Malka’s hand-dyed fabrics”   The joy of making this quilt was knowing that my daughter specially requested  it for  her bed at college.  My intent was to have had it completed and ready for start of the new semester but didn’t work out that way.    It took me quite a while to complete, working on it between my job, classes, my granddaughter and League activities.  I am so excited to give it to Jewel because being the “old soul” that she is, she’s one of the people in my life who values hand-made and I can just picture her wrapping herself in it as  she remembers  home.


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